Kellie Ide
Mortgage Advisor

NMLS# 2274322 | WA MLO 2274322
Phone: 425-818-7607
Cell: 206-799-7507

With over two decades of invaluable experience in the real estate industry, I am a seasoned Mortgage Advisor known for my proactive communication, extensive knowledge, and genuine passion for assisting others in achieving their homeownership dreams.

I firmly believe that open and transparent communication is essential in guiding clients through the mortgage process. By actively listening to my clients' needs and aspirations, I foster an environment of trust, ensuring that each borrower feels heard and understood.

In addition to utilizing a wealth of experience, I stay updated on the latest industry trends, regulatory changes, and lending programs. My commitment to ongoing education enables me to provide accurate and up-to-date information to my clients. As a trusted advisor, I leverage my knowledge to customize mortgage solutions that align with each client's unique circumstances and financial goals.

Beyond the technical aspects of my role, I am driven by a genuine desire to help others. I understand that the home buying process can be overwhelming, particularly for first-time buyers, and I am passionate about easing my clients' concerns and guiding them every step of the way. It is truly gratifying to be a part of helping my clients achieve their homeownership dreams.

I look forward to building a lifelong relationship as your trust mortgage advisor.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions via phone or email.

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